Time to step it up

After a sparse, but successful season racing mountain bike, I decided it was time to take the plunge. I've been racing Cat 1 (expert) for the last two year - my only two years of racing a full season. Based on my results, I figured it was time to request the upgrade to Pro for the 2011 season. So I filled out the category upgrade request form on USA Cycling's website - listing my resume for the MSC races, endurance events and 24 hour races. That was way back in October. I figured I wouldn't hear back until about now since the renewal period starts December 1st. I did check my USA Cycling page a few times - same message every time. Upgrade request pending approval.

Got the email Tuesday evening. Upgrade request has been reviewed and approved! Logged on to USA cycling and the message is "pending purchase of INTL license". Can't race until I get the new card with the new category. I will be working my tail off at the mountain bike races for sure now. I'm a little nervous, but it will be great.


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