Fun days in Pueblo

Our first excursion in the Turtle since 24 HRs COS and it was a perfect weekend for hitting the LPSP single track. We got down to Pueblo just after noon on Sunday and were greeted with an empty parking lot and campground. There were a few other riders heading out, but most had already finished up and were heading home. So we had the trails to ourselves for the day. My goal for Sunday's ride was for a nice, sustained effort chasing Nick around. He obliged, allowing me to ride Outer Limits and Voodoo. The conditions were outstanding for that trail combination - no wind, sunny and warm. I had a good ride, worked hard and handled the twisty single track of Outer Limits without too many issues. Need to practice that more before 24 Hrs Old Pueblo, for sure. After the ride, Nick needed to mess with the furnace and propane a little, so I headed out for a short run. Just a few miles, and I was tired, feeling the sustained ride.

We weren't sure if we had propane or not since something had leaked when we'd stopped at the park. So we decided to eat out and test the furnace while we were eating. Still had heat after supper, so back to the park to camp for the night. The campground was almost deserted, with one other camper there. We had our pick of the sites! Set up, got settled and soon turned in - we were both pretty tired. Didn't get the best night's sleep because of the wind. About 1:30, a huge windstorm blew in, shaking the camper something bad. I was afraid there would be 6 inches of snow on the ground based on the that wind! But Monday morning dawned nice and sunny, with little wind and still dry.

Monday was canyon day - Nick loves riding all the canyons closest to the campground. We spent two hours meandering up and down the different trails. A few had been cleaned up a little, but I still had to walk part of Dead Dog/Lower Dog. Didn't carry enough speed and came unclipped at the worst time, had to walk the rest of the way. I was not going to try to get going again in the middle of the rocks. Nick also made me ride down Log Drop - which I made, but almost bailed on... Had a good conversation with myself going down that one! After the ride, I headed out for another run - this one a little longer. I have a pretty good loop that I run there - with a mix of everything - from hills to rolling to flat to technical. Great run - feels so good to be able to run without any pain in the Achilles! Overall, a fun weekend and a much needed break from up packing and organizing the house.

And the camper worked - we were crusing heading home! Going 60mph on I-25 in the Race Machine!


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