Benefits of Coaching

Is coaching worth it? It's a question I'm frequently asked by other athletes of all levels. After working with my Carmichael Training Systems coach Adam for just over a year, I have to say yes. I have the education and the background to coach my self and did so for several years. But I found myself spending more time puzzling over training plans, workout schedules and workout goals then actually training. Working with Adam has eliminated most of that stress. Now instead of trying to figure out when to add in yoga, I can just do it. I have the free time to work on the little things that make a huge difference - like rest, lifting, core strengthening and stretching. I also have someone who is aware of my goals and physical condition and can act as a sounding board about current fatigue levels and workout needs - weather the next workout will achieve the desired objective or if I need more rest or if I can work harder. We are also able to review prior races, current goals and plans for future races. Working with a coach has made me work not only harder, but smarter, making each training session count - and if we are not meeting the desired goals, re-evaluating my recovery needs. Instead of blindly committing to a training plan and running myself into the ground, I now have a good rapport with my coach, leading to the flexibility of working towards my goals without the stress of planning the training. Deciding to work with a coach instead of doing it all myself was one of the smartest decisions I've made and I look forward to many more successful seasons with CTS and Adam.


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