Beautiful nights for running

Normally I am a morning person for all my workouts, espcially running. The drivers just seem to be more cill and more willing to give a little space in the morning. People are not stressed out froma day working yet. So I tend to try to run in the morning moe often the not. Except in December. Come December and I look forward to getting out after dark, after everyone is home from work. That way I get to look at all the Christmas lights during my runs. While I might have a rather bah humbug approach to the holiday season, I love looking at the lights. People take such pride and expend such creativity and energy for the annual displays so I figue I might as well run around and get to enjoy them. There are so many different ways of decorating to, from the single strand of lights along the roofline to the over the top creations. And there are some crazy ones this year, including a house with Santa being heilocoptered onto the roof. There are also so many varieties of colors, again from the simple white to multicolored maddness. I personally like the combos of one or two contrasting colors. But it all looks nice and really brigthens up the dark night time runs. Then comes New Years and it all comes down. So I will enjoy the lights for the next week then return to my morning routine. Until next holiday season at least.


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