All moved in

Well, more to the point, all moved out! We took last weekend to move everything out of the condo into the new house. It was a very long weekend of carrying boxes, in and out of the truck, up and down stairs and in to the new house. We brought the bed and cats over Friday night after work so they could explore a little before things got crazy. DumDum was so funny. For a cat who acts as tough as he does, he was such a spook. He didn't even want to leave the carrier for the first ten minutes. Isis on the other hand was all over and exploring. Saturday, we moved all the boxes and such - took three trips, but we got everything into the living room and garage. Sunday was the heavy stuff - couch, washer, dryer. Luckily, Matt came over and helped with that stuff. Then it was one last look around and leave the keys on the counter! We were out of there!

It only took three days, but we got the couch un-buried and a semblance of a living room set up. The TV and DVD player took a little longer. And since we still don't have an antennae, it doesn't really matter now. Not everything is unpacked, but we've gotten things organized to be able get back into training and such. There will be plenty of issues to deal with (such as the washer flooding - long story) but I think we will be so much happier here then in the condo. And there is a hose - we can wash the bikes!


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