A new type of cross training!

So if everything goes according to plan, Nick and I will be moving out of the condo next weekend. As a result, I just found a great new way of cross training! Moving boxes from the third floor condo to the ground level! We spent several hours this weekend - between riding and running and swimming, of course - packing and moving boxes out of the house. I was resposible for carrying everything down to the sidewalk, where Nick loaded them up on a dolly and wheeled around to the garage. I don't know how many times I walked up and down those stairs. It was a good thing that I had packed all the boxes so I could carry them. Then it was time for some of the furniture.

I know that we are hedging out bets by moving stuff to the garage early but it should make next weekend a lot easier. Now we've gotten most of the stuff out of the house - all we have to do for one load is fill the truck. And if the weather does not behave, that's that much less we have to do in snow or rain. I just hope we don't have to move everything back upstairs!


  1. Moving is so stressful, it's good that you can derive something positive from it :)


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