Turtle Trouble

So, last year, I posted a triumphant note that we had a working furnace in our camper. Well, after three trips to Pueblo in the last week, I have to relucantly state that we sometimes have heat. The furnace works - when it wants to. On the first trip (Dec 30-31) the furnace worked great at the rest stop, great when we parked to set up and great when we got back from our workout. But then, just before it was time to go to bed, no heat. None. We had to plug into power and use the little heater fan to survive the night. Then on the next trip - same thing. Furnace worked great until bed time, then just quit. The fan was working and everything, but there was no heat coming out at all. Next morning, after a fun ride, the furnace was working great again.

Nick's parents were in town last weekend, so he and his dad spent over four hours working on the engine. The whole time (thankfully, otherwise it would have been really miserable doing the work) the furnace worked like a champ. And the work they did really helped. All the trouble that we had starting the engine went away. The turtle starts on the first try and runs beautifully.

So Nick and I decided on a third test run last weekend. Yet again - the furnace worked until it got dark and cold. Then no heat. Just blowing cold air in. Wake up in the morning, and it's intermitent. Sometimes we have heat, sometimes none. And we were not out of propane - I was able to make two perfect cups of Christopher Bean Coffee to drink before our ride.

So, we're bringing it back to the RV shop tommorrow to see if they get either fix it for good or just put a new furnance in. We need the heat.

But we still got some great riding and awsome training time down in Pueblo. Some photos of the trips - http://picasaweb.google.com/TracyThelen.triathlete/JanuaryCampingTrips#


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