Errands on the run

This was one of those days where (so far) everything has worked out well. I had a recall service that I needed to get done on my car, so my plan was to swim in the morning, drop my car off and take the shuttle home. I would the run down to the dealership to pick up my car when it was finished. That way, I would have everything done and be home before the weather blew in.

And that's how it worked, almost. Swim went well, got my car in and got home. Did a little stuff at home, then started getting ready to head back down to the dealership. At that time, there was no wind and the temperature was 38 and sunny. The storm wasn't supposed to move in until the afternoon. So I decided to wear shorts for my run. First mile, perfectly comfortable. It was a great day to be outside. Second mile and the wind started picking up. And there was a nasty cold bite to the wind. Third mile and the tempurature drop was starting to get noticable. Mile four, and I was starting to doubt my sanity for wearing shorts. At least the sun was still out!

I told the service advisor from the dealership that I would be running in to get my car. I guess that's why he knew exactly who I was when I got there! I didn't have to wait at all or tell anyone three times why I was there. I'm sure he thought I was nuts when I walked in wearing shorts. "It was nice when I left" didn't really cut it as a good reason.

I looked at the temperature when I got home and no wonder I was cold! It had dropped from 38 to 24, with a stiff wind blowing. Sure the sun was still out, but... I'm happy that I've gotten everything done and this is a recovery weeks. The next few days are supposed to be ugly.


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