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Jan 19, 2010

Surviving master's swim

First, I have to admit that I should have buckled down and started going to the Masters Swim workouts last year instead of just maintaining the swimming I was doing. It's a great group, very welcomining of new athletes and very encouraging to be around. It's also nice to have a good workout posted and to have other people to swim with. I hate getting up that early to swim, but I'm always happy I did afterwards.

That said - I'm also getting schooled in the pool. I have not swum this fast since high school. I will freely admit that I took full advantage of my swimming ability last year and hardly trained in the water at all. Since starting with the masters, I have been really working in the pool. I'm swimming on an interval five seconds faster then I was last year. I'm finishing the workouts on that interval, but it's right at the limits. Those last few sets are always a struggle to maintain good power and form. Having someone infront and behind me makes it easier, but still... I'm looking forward to when I can maintain the interval without feeling completely spent at the end.

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