Ringing in the New Year

I decided to race in the Rescue Run this year. It's a Colorado Springs New Year's Day tradition for the running community. Last year I had to skip because I was working and could not get the time off. This year, not an issue. Nick and I drove to Palmer Park - He was going to go riding with his friends, then ride home. I heading down to the playground to register. Timing was perfect. I was able to get my number, get on the bathroom line, and into shorts for the race with about 10 minutes to spare. Since I didn't want to be waiting around in shorts, that worked great. Air temperature cold, sunshine warm, waiting in cold air and warm sun still cold.

I haven't been focusing on the run lately, and I could feel it in the first few miles. I was breathing a little harder then I wanted, and just didn't feel as smooth as normal. It doesn't help that the Rescue Run is a very hilly race. Once we got off the first major hill, I settled into a comfortably hard pace. I knew my postion in the field, but I also knew that the lack of speed workouts and mileage might hurt later. I could feel the hills in my legs too. But it was fun. I love getting out and running hard. It's a good way to shake the cobwebs out and a great way to bring in the New Year.

My time was decent, but slower then the last time I raced. I'm going to blame it on the amount of snow on the mesa. Everyone had to deal with the packed snow, so all the times were a little slow. I know that in 2008, there was no snow on the roads, just bitter cold. I'd rather see the snow and have to take it easy then bitter cold. Since the Rescue Run is a fundraising event for the El Paso County Search and Rescue, it's always nice to wake up to sunny day. That brings the numbers up for the event dramatically.


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