Night riding - finally

This is silly - I have 24 hour race coming up and I have yet to do any quality night rides. Nick and I had planned to get out last Friday, but things didn't work out. I don't feel comfortable riding at night alone - there is wildlife in the hills and I might make a good snack. And when we've gone down to Pueblo, we haven't brought the lights with us.

So when Tracy H mentioned that she was going riding last night with a few of the Women's Mountain Biking Association of Colorado Springs (WOMBA) riders, I jumped at the chance. No stress pace, ride some different trails and get out with the lights. It meant for a busy day, but the ride was worth it. We rode some of the trails in Red Rocks, which was really cool. I've only riden there once, and that was last year. Riding on new trails was a good test of the lights and my light set up. I was running a Nite Rider ont he bars and my Ameoba on my helmet. I really like the little Ameoba lights - battery and light fits well on the helmet and I don't even notice that it's there.

One of the trails we went down was still a little icy and snowy. The descent was a little hairy with six inches of crusty snow hiding the rocks and roots. I bounced off a rock, unclipped and couldn't get clipped back in, then rode two thirds of the hill half out of control. But I didn't crash - came to a nice, controlled stop. Good times. Most of the trails were decent - it was just that one section that was really bad. I felt comfortable on the trails, comfortable with the lights and was perfectly dressed for the weather. It was a blast to get out and ride with some new people and I'm looking forward to the next night ride next week.


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