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Jan 31, 2010

Long ride and chores

We got a late start to the day. Just a lot of small chores that needed to get done before we leave for 24hrs in the Old Pueblo. But there are chains in the camper now, so if we hit bad weather we'll be okay. Slower then normal, but okay. We also got some of the crap we won't need for the race out, like the little microwave and coffee pot. So now there is more room for all our race gear. But the little errands and chores seem to take twice as long as planned
As a result, we didn't head out for our ride until late. Because of time and the snow from Friday, we decided to play it safe. A road ride on the Air Force Academy was in order. As usual, Nick rode his mountain bike and I rode my Tricross. Neither of us have road bikes, so that's the best combo. I wasn't feeling spunky at the start of the ride. It was a struggle to stay on Nick's wheel on some of the long climbs. I just did not have any power riding today at all. We had planned on getting a solid four hours, but I was done at three. Between feeling so drained and the falling temperatures, we were back at the camper after 3:15. And it was so nice to get into a nice, warm camper after the ride. We have heat!!!

Despite how tired I was, Nick convinced me to at least run for a mile or two. I was supposed to do four after the ride. Well, that first mile was not pretty, but then everything loosened up and I was able to settle into a comfortable pace. I was feeling good enought that I went ahead and did the full four miles.

Now, it's time to unpack the camper, throw some clothes in the wash, get ready for work tommorow, then chill out. I'm going to try making the kale soup that Mel McQuaid gave to Triathlete a few months ago. If it doesn't work, there's always pizza!

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