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Jan 29, 2010

Crazy drivers

My drive to Pueblo for work this morning was interesting. Usually, it's pretty quiet - I set the cruise to 74, turn up my music and have some alone time before work. Today, the roads were a little damp and it was not a day for the cruise control. Not because of ice, but the fog. It was really foggy between Colorado Springs and the Pueblo west exit. Part of the problem is that I-25 follows Fountain Creek down to Pueblo and when it's cold, there is a lot of moisture. That means lots of fog and it was bad today. Yet it seemed that everyone else didn't notice. They were still driving like maniacs, tailgating and speeding. Oh well. At least I didn't see any cars in the ditch this time.
Pueblo also got more snow then we did in Colorado Springs. That's also unusual. Pueblo is normally colder at night, but with less snow. Our plans for a long ride on Sunday might not work out. If the snow does not melt quickly, the trails at Lake Pueblo SP will be nothing but mud. And looking out the therapy office window, the sun is shining, but the snow is not melting very fast. There is still a good two inches on the ground. The roads are clear, but I'm not sure that things will dry out by Sunday.

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