Doctor Thelen

It's official. I finished all the class requirements and seminars for my DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) last year. I just did not have the certificate from the Clinical Instructor Credentialling class that I had taken in November. Since the CU offices were closed over the holidays, I couldn't make the needed calls to get everything taken care of. Well, I finally got through to everyone and got the information from point a to point b. My degree has been posted to my transcript and I have my diploma coming in the mail soon. It's been a long road - getting this Doctorate. I was on the fence for several years after I finished my masters as to whether I even wanted to pursue the higher degree. At times, when I was struggling with the reports and papers for Patient Care Seminars, I was questioning my sanity with even trying. There is a huge gap between the research and academia version of physical therapy and the reality of practicing in the current payment systems, and I was having some major issues with that. But after two and a half years - I finally finished and can now call myself Doctor Thelen, PT.


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