Weekend overview

What a busy weekend. Fun, good training but really busy.

Saturday, the group organizing the Xterra trail marathon held a course preview. The race will be at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in the beginning of October. The course will be challenging, for sure. The marathon is a two loop race, with a half running at the same time. It starts out easy, on Sundance, then heads up. And continues up, all the way to the top of the Talon loops. The only issue that I see might be the out and back on Talon. After Talon, things start really getting fun, with Medicine Wheel and Cougar's Shadow added to the menu. The last half of the course will be the most challenging. Anyone who goes out too fast will really suffer. I ran a few more miles after to get my full long run in. But I had a good time and ran with some funny guys. Thats what you miss training alone - people acting silly and telling good stories.

On Sunday, I met up with Tracy for a long ride. I rode to her house and then we headed west and north. I think we rode up every hill on the west side of town. The Garden of the Gods was crazy with tourists looking at the rocks, but that was the only really bad spot. I see why people like riding on Sundays. There was so much less traffic then on Saturdays. I got five hours on the bike, then went home to watch track.

It was hot this weekend. Both Nick and I were flopped on the floor in the evenings, unmotivated to do anything. I think I used about five Motor Tabs from the time I got home to when we went to bed.


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