Crazy days

I'm sitting outside a resturant in Dillon, waiting for Nick so we can eat and head up to Copper. I thought that he would beat me here, but I got out of class early. It's amazing what half an hour can mean for traffic. I was able to scoot across Denver from AMC to Golden and get my swim in there. I was planning on going to one of the 24 Hour fitnesses near campus and killing time with a long swim to let traffic die down. On top of me being early, Nick's meeting ran long. Had I known, I would have fussed in Golden and just waited for him there.
This is really a crazy few days. Yesterday and today, I was sitting in class, taking radiology. Saturday and Sunday, the Copper Cup MSC races. Monday and Tuesday, health care promotion classes. Then back to work for three days.
I have both the Era and the Tomac with me. I will race the Tomac in the short track tomorrow and the Era for the cross country. I don't want to ride the Tomac for the longer race because we don't quite have the fit dialed. The brake cables are still silly long and we are not going to cut those until I am sure about the bars. Nick says its messy and a pain to cut the hydralolic cables. I don't want to make him do it twice.


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