Mission Accomplised

(This was supposed to be posted on Saturday - had some technical issues. Sun Spots I think)

Nick is back, tired but happy. He and Dan did not finish the CT Race, but they made it all the way to Durango. At Lake City, they decided to take the race route from 2008. It was not the "official" route for 2009, so they were not listed as finishers. But that was not the point of the ride. The point was go from Denver to Durango along the Colorado trail. And mission was accomplished.
I was lucky. I did not have to take time off work to get Nick. Leslie, Dan's wife was waiting at the Durango end of the trail. They finished Wendesday night and spent the night in Durango. Nick said that he took four showers that night! Thursday morning, they headed home. When I got back from my ride after work, Nick was home. It is a long drive from Durango - but not as long as the ride!
I will post a report from the ride when I get it from the boys.


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