Tomac Maiden Ride

The Tomac is finished! Nick worked on it over the weekend to get the cables done and everything adjusted. It shifts so smoothly and crisply. He did an awesome job getting everything dialed. The maiden ride was Monday afternoon. We went to Stratton Open Space and cruised around. The bike felt really nice. The fit seems perfect, but we have some fussing to do with the cockpit. The brake and shifter levers need to be adjusted a little. The handling is snappy, much sharped then the Era. That will take some getting used to, for sure. The bike is also lighter and stiffer then the Era, also something I will need to get used to. But after one ride, I like the bike. Hopefully I'll get everything dialed before the Copper Cup. I might get some pictures up of the finished bike. The blue fork does not look as bad as I thought it might.


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