5430 Long Course

Not a bad day. It was not my fastest time at 5430 Long Course, but I think it was my best race. I stayed focused the whole race and pushed through the mental low spots.

Got to the Res early to avoid traffic and set up my transition area set up. There was so much more stuff compared to an Xterra in my bagwhen I packed, but it seemed like so little was at my rack. The rest of the pros slowly began to arrive and get ready to race. It was interesting, the pros were much more relaxed the most of the age groupers. Everyone was nice, despite the amount of money on the line. That would be the last time I would see some of the other women all day. This was the most competitive womens field the race had every seen.

This was a non-wetsuit swim, so I didn't have to struggle with the wetsuit. My skinsuit is really easy manage. I started closer to the back of the pro field and stayed there. This was not my best swim ever, but appropriate for the time I've spent on the water. Cloud cover meant the we did not swim directly into the sun like usual. I started reasonably well, but watched the main pack swim away. I was not the slowest woman, but the were not many bikes left in the rack. I think I had the 14th fastest swim of the women.

There was a brisk wind coming from the south east when I got on my bike. Didn't think much of it at the time because the Res is protected. The wind would become very noticable later, coming down 73rd. I knew I was in the back, but there were a few women right in front. I was hopeful that I would be able to make up some ground. I focused on even power and a smooth cadance. Nick told me before he left to try a bigger gear then I usually would and to just ride my heart out. I've been riding a lot, but mostly on my mountain bike. The first lap went smoothly. The wind really ate into my average speed and I was starting to get frustrated. But I was able to work through that and refocus on the task at hand. Starting the second lap, I was worried about the age groupers starting their ride. Some of the other pros had made it sound like the road was just littered with bikes. But I had no problems at all. It was actually the easiest ride I've had in terms of traffic. My second lap was much stronger then my first and I did catch a few of the women in front of me. I didn't let the wind affect me as much and really just focused on the bike. Although I did not reach my goal time, this was still my fastest bike split for the race. Even so, I was still just 13th on the bike.

The run at Long Course seems to be my best event. I've always run well there. I wasn't sure what would happen today when I got off the bike. My legs were definatly tired. I had one women a few seconds in front and other a minute up. I quickly settled into a smooth pace after my legs adjusted to running. I was able to matain that pace for the rest of the run. I did catch several women through the course of the half marathon. The second loop was the most crowded part of the whole race. Most of the age groupers were off the bike and onto the run at that point. The volunteers at the waterstation were doing thier best, but were overwhelmed at times. It was not hot by Long Course standards, but much hotter then predicted. I don't think that people were prepared for the heat. Those last two miles were painful. I just wanted to slow down, relax for a little bit. This time, I didn't. It was not my fastest time for the half marathon, but it got the job done. I moved up to eighth overall, with the fourth fastest run time for the women.

I don't have the splits yet - didn't have my glasses or paper when I was looking at the results.

Huge thanks to Pam and Warren from the Boulder Tri Club for the awesome homestay. The hospitality was much appreciated


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