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Sep 24, 2010

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, when I pre-rode, the trail was tight and tacky. Even muddy in places from that rainstorm on Wednesday. Well, today it had dried up and was quite a bit looser. The rocks were noticable on the upper loop. Some of the tighter switchbacks were also a little trickier - watch the speed, weight back, lean and spot the corner or you're not going to make it. I'm happy I decided to take the time to ride the loop again because it will be even drier tommorow. I'm assuming that the lower section will be a bit sandier as well. Since the bike was handling well, not going to make changes. Tire pressure was good - handled the looser trail well. Again felt pretty comfortable on the climb and relaxed on the descents. I just need to remember not to overthink things while riding. That's when mistakes happen and mistakes lead to crashing.

After riding, I decided to stop at Pineview and test the waters. Naturally, I forgot my wetsuit and the water was a little nippy. But once I got in, it was nice. Did a few short laps in the swim area to loosen up. The swim will be wetsuit legal - it's about 66 right now. I was hoping for a non-wetsuit swim because I hate really getting the darn thing off. Oh well - bring the Beljum Budder and body glide.

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