Fall Classic Report

The fall classic stage race closed out the MSC endurance series in Breckenridge on Sept 11/12. It is a circit race and hill climb on Saturday and a long cross country on Sunday. The points for all three races plus the stage race would determine the series champs. Nick was in third going into the race and hoping to stay there. He had a good circit race and was hoping to get some more time int he hill climb. But after choosing the wrong cog for the circit race, he slipped down into fourth. A huge crowd of single speeders showed up for the cross country and he finished ninth against some fast guys. Finishing fourth in the stage race, he alos finished fourth in the single speed series classification. Not bad at all for riding half the season ss and for his first year riding ss.

I faired better in my raceses. I was in third as well entering the stage race but ony by a few points. For the circit race I started easy and worked my way through the field to win by a few seconds. Having a clean run on thill climb was good and I managed to ga few more seconds. Entering the cross country and I had won both proir races and was hoping to make it a clean sweep. I had to work hard for every minute but managed to pull it off. Winning the stage race secured my second second place in the MSC seiries. If Iget a chance I will get a better report written.


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