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Sep 18, 2010

10 down - 14 to go

I am resting in the Turtle after sending Nick out on his 7th lap. He is doing well, currently holding third solo and first single speed. The solo leader is a lap up on both Nick and the current second place rider, Larry and holding that gap. Nick had a decent margin to the second SS rider but we are only 10 hours in. A lot can happen between now and noon.

Running pit support is kinda fun. It is lulls of rest time mingled with insanity when the rider comes in. I knw what Nick likes to eat while riding so it is a little easier. But being a mind reader helps. Are we going to want soup this lap or egg and tortilla? What clothes is he going to need? So far I seem to be doing a good job. And now I am going to snooze for an hour so I am ready for Nick when he gets back.

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