Getting Technical

Or at least trying! Thursday and Friday I decided that it was time to work on more of my technical skills for the mountain bike. Thursday I went to Palmer Park and focused on some of the sections I've always had issues with. I tried everything a few times, going back, reviewing the line and trying to figure out if there was a better option. Got thru a few things, messed up on other sections. Wasn't really feeling "on" on the bike, so I was struggling at times. It was a great evening to be riding and the trails were pretty quiet, but I wasn't appreciating being on the bike. Didn't help when I wacked my shoulder with a tree on one of the sections I was practicing. But overall, it was a successful day of riding on the rocks.

Friday, Nick and I went to CMSP for more of the same. This time it was on Blackmere. We spent quite a bit of time on one sections of trail and I still didn't get the line. I could see what Nick wanted, was wheeling my bike up the rock on the same line, but could not ride it down. Kept getting freaked out and unclipping through the rock and tree. Finally, enough was enough and we moved on. I was able to clean the last obstacle  on the third try. That was good, because it's something I have never made. Then, riding down Boulder Run, I wacked another tree with my hand and really stressed my left Achilles. I was cursing up a storm (for me) because my achilles was hurting really bad and this was the first ride I had not taped my ankles. I was pretty worried about possibliy doing some major damage. Seems that the trees are trying to take some measure of revenge this week. Despite the tree encounters, a productive set of rides.


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