Single speeding to Victory

After 24 hours Nick rode 12 laps of the Falcon trail and won the single speed solo class by 2 laps. He also placed third of all solo men, so I am going to nick name him my "single speeding stud." I did my part as support crew, keeping him fed and watered, in dry clothes and charged batteries for lights. Sunday night we were both very tired, me from staying up all night and Nick from riding all night. We were in bed by 800!

I think the quality of the racer is balanced by the quality of the support crew. Riding solo without support makes an already challenging race very difficult. I made sure that there was plenty of options each lap ranging from cookies and candy to potatoes and scrambled egg or pizza. Nick never had to go searching for food. If I thought he might want it, I had it ready. I also was able to get wamr clothes ready while he was eating saving even more time. Then while he was riding I charged used batteries to make sure he had enough light to get through the night. Between that I was able to sleep for a few hour in snippits of a few minutes here and there. Then it was time to get ready for him to come in again.

Mountain bike tires on pavement make a cool noise. That was one of the best things about the 24 hours of COS. The course looped past the solo pits before and after the lap finished. Nick was able to give me a heads up as to what he wanted before rolling through.And the whump whump of mountain bike tires on the road made it possible to be in the camper and still know when a rider cruised by.

I am still sorting pictures and will get some posted after Xterra USA.


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