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Aug 5, 2010

Wet year on the CT

I bet Nick is happy he's just riding the first half of the CT and not racing this year. It's been wet one for all the riders, with thunderstorms and downpours every night. Nick and Greg have only camped one night so far - and they got dumped on. They also ended up taking the bike path from Frisco to Copper instead of climbing the 10 Mile Range on the CT. Same reason - had already had enough weather. Monday and Tuesday, they hung out at Janet's Cabin and watched most of the actual CT racers push thru. Then they headed over to Leadville. Nick had to get a new tire for his bike, they enjoyed some burgers and beer and decided to get a hotel for the night. Well, when I tried calling the number Greg gave me - it was the owner's cell phone! And it was still raining!

The boys should be rolling through the Mount Princeton Hot Springs later tonight and I bet they will be staying there. I wouldn't want to pass up a warm room, shower and good food at the resturaunt there if I was riding through!

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