Welcome to the KOA

Nick and I got to Gunnison mid-day yesterday. The drive up and over Monarch was a little slow with theTurtle, but we made it. Speeds were about 30-25 mph heading up and not much faster coming down, but we made it without any issues this time. Everything behaved! We stocked up at the Safeway for food, spending over $200 for both junk food and real food. The fridge is full, the cupboards are overflowing and we are ready to ride for 24 hours. (We hope) I was really annoyed - I have been looking forward to being able to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on cinnamon bread and Safeway did not have the bread I wanted! Oh well, will have to make do with some other bread. But we are so stocked up, it's crazy.

After shopping, time to head to the KOA and get set up. There were plenty of people there, but it wasn't the crazy race crowd. We were getting some looks as we wheeled bikes out of our camper. I don't think most of the Thursday night campers were associated with the race. We have a really good location - right on the course, right after the timing tent. It's going to be so easy to come in and pit between laps. We also have enough distance between us and the race area that it shouldn't be too noise. And with all the windows closed, its pretty quiet in the camper. Time to get a lap in to figure times better, then wait for the real crowds to show up!


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