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Aug 5, 2010

On the way to Oregon

Airports are strange places. Little cities, with transient populations that ebb and flow dependant on departure and arrival times. Sometime crazy busy, other times just quiet and dead. And it seems that people have decided that flip flops good shoes to wear. That was the biggest thing I noticed this time - lots of people wearing flip flops. Doesn't matter if you can't move very quickly in those shoes or that there is no protection for your feet at all. I would say 80% of all the people I saw were wearing flip flops of ome incarnation. Wooden soled flip flops with a heel even worse. I saw someone trying to run to a gate in those shoes. She wasn't going very fast - would have been better off taking her shoes off and holding them. At least then she would have been able to run without her shoes falling off her feet every five seconds. Then there are the oblivious people wandering around in a daze, not paying attention to surroundings at all. Lots of stressed people running around, lots of impatient people. The ticket agent did not cause the huge thunder storm today! I've done enough flying that I have decided that going with the flow is the best. Music, reading and people watching passes time pretty well. Speaking of time, if there is a difference in local time between Colorado Springs and Denver, something is really wrong.

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