Mount St Helens

As someone who has always been fascinated by volcanos, earthquakes and other forces of nature, I was looking forward to my trip up to Mount St Helens after the marathon. I've done a lot of reading about the area, the mountain, the type of eruption and the forces that caused most of the distruction. I wanted to see the mountain and explore a little. Well, we woke up to grey. Typical low hanging northwest clouds covered everything. Not to be detered, we made the hour and a half drive into the Momument, hoping that the clouds would lift and we would be able to see something. Every so often, things looked promising, the clouds withdrawing enough to see patches of the landscape. Then the grey soup would close down even thicker. No seeing the volcano today!

So we hiked around a little, read the displays in the visitor's center on Johnson's Ridge and watched the film. Still the clouds were not budging. It was getting cold and windy and with the clouds, there wasn't much to see. So no photos of Mount St Helens on the blog. The link to the Volcano Cam will have to do! Not as impressive as in real life, but if there's clouds in the way, it's easier to come back another day!

Volcano CAM


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