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Aug 13, 2010

Time for a short rest

I have been such a lazy bum this week. One short swim, one easy ride, a few short walks and that's it. After the marathon and the traveling, taking a week off for some good recovery sounds like a great idea. It's a good thing I am not so type a with my training that I can't take a day off! I was planning on swimming this morning, but just did not want to get up. Sleeping in sounded much better. It's been a busy summer and I still have a few races left. Taking an easy week now will mean a better end to the season. Allow me to fully recover and make sure I'm ready to start working hard again. I'm starting the endurance phase of the season now, with marathons, 24 hour mountain bike races, and long course triathlons, so taking a full recovery, easy week will be the best and smartest way to start the next few months.

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