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2018 Race Results

Mountain Biking
Tree limbo! Descending Skull Pass
Photo: Dave Kozlowski
Bear Bait 8 Hour Race
Casper, WY - June 23
1st Co-Ed Duo
10 Laps at 8:10
Race Report

Original Growler
Gunnison, CO - May 27
4th Overall Woman
Race Report

Half and Half Marathon
Tulsa, OK - Dec 9th
Half Trail/Half Road
1st Place Woman, 2nd Overall
Race Report

Dead Horse Ultra 50k
Moab, Ut - November 17th
7th Woman, 2nd 30-39
Race Report

Pikes Peak Road Runners Fall Series
3rd Overall Woman
Race Reports - 1/2 and 3/4
    Race 4 - Palmer Park
    2nd Overall Woman

    Race 3 - Ute Valley Park
    2nd Overall Woman

    Race 2, 5 miles - Norris Penrose Event Center, Oct 14th
    2nd overall Woman, 33:56

    Race 1 - Monument Valley Park, Sept 30
    1st Overall woman (gun time)26:51 - 2nd chip time

Sangre de Cristo 50k
Westcliffe CO - Sept 22
1st Overall Woman, 4th overall
5:55 - Course Record
Race Report

American Discovery Trail 10k
Colorado Springs, CO - Sept 3rd
1st Overall Woman, 4th Overall
43:40 (course was 10.25k)
Race Report

Pikes Peak Ultra 50
Photo: Nancy Hobbs
Pikes Peak Ultra 50k
Colorado Springs, CO - July 28th
6th Overall Woman

Summer Round Up Trail Run 7m
Colorado Springs, CO - July 9th
2nd Overall Woman

Garden of the Gods 10k
Colorado Springs, CO - June 10th
1st Overall Woman
44:48 - New Course Record
Race Report

Women's Distance Festival 5k
Colorado Springs, CO - May 12
4th Overall Woman
Race Report

Rattler Trail Race 25k
Colorado Springs, CO - April 14
1st Overall Woman/10th Overall
Race Report

Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Series
8th Overall, Women's Long Series
     Race 4 - 20k Black Forest, February 24
     13th Women, 1:45:33

     Race 3 - 10m, El Pomar, February 10
     12th Woman, 1:17:30

     Race 2 - 8m, Norris Penrose, January 27
     6th Woman, 56:23

     Race 1 - 7m, CMPS January 14
     8th Woman, 54:07

Game Day 5k
Colorado Springs, CO - February 4
Having fun at the Neilson Challenge
7th Overall Woman

Rescue Run 5k
Colorado Springs, CO - Jan 1st
3rd Overall Woman
Race Report

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