Week three -Back to business

One last week of playing around. We took advantage of the nice weather to get some fun and easy rides in the canyon, as well as some exploring up North. Some of those rides will be off limits when the snow comes fo good, so was nice to be able to sneak them in. All north side of the canyon on shaded slopes and I don't like riding on ice that much! Everything has been pretty chill - no hard workouts on the bike just yet. I have noticed I need to ride more techy stuff again - I was a little sloppy in spots. With yhe exception of a few events, the trails I've been racing on haven't been that hard. Long and fast yes - but not really hard. So I'm a little skittish on the fun, narrow trails Nick favors.

But it's time to get back to business. At least on the running side! After not really running far or fast all summer, I decided the smartest plan for the rest of my off season would be to train for the Rock Canyon Half Marathon on December 2nd. I've done that race a few times - in nice weather and the blizzard like conditions of last year.It's a fun course - a mix of trail and road - and just a nice low key race. So why not run again this year? Will I be fast? Who knows. Speed is relative. But I have a few weeks to become a runner again and Coach Adam was more then eager to write up the training plan. So now it's time to pick up the pace and have a different kind of fun.


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