Goof off - week two

I can tell these goof off, recovery weeks are much needed. Almost done with my second week of just doing what I want and it still isn't much. I've gotten up early to swim, but not a lot. I've really tried to avoid getting up before the sun rises - even on days I am working. I am not feeling like I need to get up and hit the road bright and early - sleeping in sounds much better right now. Haven't done a single long or hard workout and I am not planning any of the above!

The recovery now will reap benefits next year. I haven't really done an off season before - never really wanted to. I would just bounce from Tri training to run training to bike workouts. This year, I want the break. I had a fun but easy ride yesterday, but the motivation to go out and suffer isn't there. That tells me I really need the time off. When I start back up with hard workouts, I want to be giddy to ride and excited to work hard. Until then - all fun, all easy. And I am sticking too it - for at least a few more weeks!


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