Being in the moment

Sometimes we get caught up in the race, the lives of everyone else and trying to match or beat them. We start thinking that life is about the physical objects cluttering up the world. We forget that the experiences are where the great stories come from. In order to find the hidden gems and craft the stories worth sharing, we have to leave the race behind. I am as guilty as everyone else, babbling about meaningless happenings in 140 characters or less. Its hard to hear the music and words of the journey when I'm not focused. But it's out there, echoing along lonely roads, scenic trails - hidden in the trees, the rocks and rippling down the rivers.

This last weekend made me realize that its time to reopen my eyes and become in tune with the experiences echoing in the wind gusts, the stories rustling in the waves of grass and aspens and the rhythmic tapping if rain on the ground. It's time to start listening better, to learn from the joy and experiences of others. Not the mindless details reported online, but the depth behind those tiny comments. Only then will the stories I tell really be relevant. It's not just the triumphs on the trail that paint a picture, but the lonely hours training in silence. Or the fun rides with friends that have no agenda besides just enjoying the moment. Understanding and welcoming it all will broaden my skills - both on the bike and for my writing. So while having fun with my goof off weeks, it's also a good time to practice being in the moment.


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