Season's End

Wow. It's been a long season. We started racing back in February at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo and kept rolling thru until last weekend at the 24 Hours of Colorado Springs. In between came 24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest and 24 Hours in the Sage. Nick and I bookended two wins with two second place rides in our 24 hour adventures. We faced some very strong teams and the usual assortment of demons during the day long races. We also got our self supported style of racing dialed. Filling in the weekends between 24 hour races came the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series. Five races over 60 miles in locals from Pueblo to Elbert to Breckenridge. I has a solid series, with two wins, one second, and two thirds in the Women's Open class. I also took the series overall. Nivk raced the half marathon series and took two seconds and three thirds on his way to win the Single Speed class.

Closer to home - the Ascent Cycling Series held by Sand Creek Sports. Local fun and an hour of solid pain defined these five races. Three at Bear Creek Terrace and two at Palmer Park. I was racing in the Sand Creek Sports jersey and writing about the events for Pikes Peak Sports. All of them, hard racing against all my riding partners. Also local fun, but on the road bike, the Wednesday Night TT series up 26th Street and Cheyenne Canyon. A new pr for both those climbs. So it's been a long trip to this point.

And what point are we at? Time to rest, time to goof off, sleep in and recover. No scheduled training, just doing what feels right and what the weather dictates. Snowstorm and cold weather? I think I'll swim or trail run! Perfectly sunny afternoon? Let's hit the trails for a mountain bike ride! Doesn't matter what I do as long as I have fun doing it and let my body recover from a long season. This is gonna be fun - I usually don't take much of an off season break!


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