Happiness is...

Life's not complicated - we just choose to make is crazy at times. But sometimes, getting back to reality and simplicity is what makes things right. For me, that moment of simple joy came riding alone at Lake Pueblo State Park after work. Just me, my bike, the brisk air and the setting sun. No distractions for miles, no pressure to ride hard and the ability to ride for as long as I chose (or as long as I told Nick I was going to ride...) It was a perfect closing to a crazy day at work.

On that ride, happiness was...
- Listening to the sound of shale under my tires as I climbed up Rock Canyon
- Riding under the chilly sun while Pikes Peak was surrounded by clouds and snow.
- The long shadow of a rider silhouetted alone against the edge of the cliffs.

Juniper trees under the setting sun -
iPhone photos without glasses never quite look right...

Exhilaration was
- Dropping into the canyons on the east side of the park, knowing I could ride whatever trail I wanted.
- The bracing cool of the winter chill as I descended.
- Seeing my breath when I stopped, but still warm from the climbs.
- Being the only person out on the trails at that time.

Satisfaction was...
- Cleaning the Skull Canyon climb for the first time, and feeling comfortable while doing it.
- Finishing the ride as the sun set, but being prepared to ride into the darkness.
- Bundling up for the cold and getting in a perfect ride instead of surrendering to the trainer.

Ready for night - but finished under the setting sun 

Peace was...
- Riding as the sun set over the mountains and the moon rose from the eastern plains
- Watching a Golden Eagle lazily soaring over the trails.
- The silence of a solo ride.

The moon rising over the cliffs above Duke Trail


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