Beating the weather

It's still nice out right now, but the weather forecast for the next few days is for winter - with snow and really cold temperatures. So Nick and I decided to beat the weather front and do Pipeline yesterday. Speed wasn't the plan - just riding up the road at a comfortable pace and then having some fun on the descent. Because we weren't sure when the cold front was going to move down, we both had our Osprey Talons loaded up with some warm clothes. And food and water for a four plus hour ride.

We rode really easy up Gold Camp. Nick was really tired from a hard night ride the night before and I wasn't interested in gunning it at all. I was taking advantage of the relaxed pace to look around, do some sight-seeing and really appreciate the ride. Normally, I'm nose to the bars, tongue hanging out, trying to keep up with Nick. It also wasn't warm out at all - the sun was brilliant and the sky blue, but there was no warmth to the rays. And there was a looming mountain of clouds to the north over the Black Forest. I wasn't cold with just my lightweight arm warmers on for the climb, but I wasn't toasty either. And when Nick stopped to put his knee warmers and arm warmers and booties on, I went for the booties as well. Creek water is pretty chilly this time of year, even with wool socks on... It took us a few minutes longer then normal to make the climb, but I was raring to go when we hit the single track. A good feeling - wanting to ride fast and hard downhill instead of dreading it because I'm tired.

We took the fun way to Frosties Park, and stopped for a short snack and to bundle up before the descent. This time, I'd carried the can of tea up the hill (no coke - didn't have any in the house) and Nick and I split it before heading down. We were planning on riding Pipeline - its a more fun descent and Nick likes that trail better. With him on his hard tail, I was able to stay a little closer then the last time we'd ridden Pipeline. That meant I could see the lines he was taking through some of the rocks that I usually walk. As a result, I was able to ride more of the trail this time, even making all the little climbs up from the creeks. Riding Pipeline in the middle of the week is the best thing - we saw three other people the entire time, so we were able to ride fast and have fun. Riding easy on the climb really made a difference for me being able go hard on the descent and not just hang on.

We did beat the weather home. A huge cloud covered the sun just as we were dropping down Cheyenne Road and it started raining later that night. Even if we get snow tonight, we still got one last hurrah on some fun trails!


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