A weekend of trails

A long epic girls ride on Saturday and a fun brick workout on Sunday under clear skies and warm temperatures. One of those great weekends to live and ride in COS!

The plan for Saturday had been to head south and explore Pueblo with Kristi for a few hours. But I bailed - didn't feel like driving and had been hoping on camping at Buffalo Creek. The camping trip didn't happen, so I joined the girls for a long ride up Rampart Road to the Overlook Drop. I've only done that ride once before so I was really happy to join them. I left my house early, rode to Kristi's, then roads over to Balanced Rock. My only crash of the day happened on the hogs back- a dumb error that sent me flying into cacti and small rocks. We got to Balanced Rock, met the rest of the group and headed up. It was a nice, steady pace on the initial climb as the four of us (Tracy, Stephie, Kristi and I) headed up to Williams. Kennon was coming, but had been running a little late. The group was all together at the halfway, then the pace picked up a little as we met other riders also taking advantage of the nice day.

A short break to enjoy the view at the top, then time for the drop. Last time, I did a lot of walking on the Overlook drop. This time, just two sections! And no crashes for me on the steep steep slopes. All the work with balance and control really paid off as I was able to roll most everything and keep the rubber side down. I wasn't as fast as the other girls, but still happy. Next the winding trail to Waldo Canyo. Love that section of trail! So much fun - flowy, smooth and fast. Waldo is just as mug fun. I was happy to be able to keep the leaders in sight, even if I wasn't close. That changed in Williams. I was quite a bit slower then everyone on that trail - at least it felt like I was. But again, ride two sections that I hadn't made before so even though I was slower, I was still really exited and having fun. The hikers eating lunch gave me a look after I hooted about cleaning on chunk! Once back in town, back through Red Rocks and Stratton to home and it was a Mission Accomplished ride - 5.5 hours of fun!

Sunday was shorter ride with Nick at CMSP. We met some friends and rode with them for a bit. Then time to work on technical stuff. Much more of a cross country type of racing and riding work then the downhill of Saturday. And it was good - all the work I've been doing paid off as I was able to clean a rock garden I've never made before - the junction of Zook and Blackmere. I've done pieces, but never the whole thing. Super stoked about that! Then the tricky sections in upper Blackmere and Cougar's Shadow. Again, much better and smoother - got further in them then usual and did make one section easily. And that was on the bug wheels! After the ride, a short run on the lower trails. I might not be racing many Xterras but the running an swimming is great for the longer races - core strength and upper body strength for 100 miles of single track mountain bike fun in July!


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