Speed intervals, sunshine and snow!

Tuesday I gave up my sunshine to do my workout inside - wanted the numbers on the computrainer. And while riding inside is mind-numbing, it was good to see the numbers. I like the numbers and seeing the improvement always makes suffering inside worth it. I did get some sun on my run later, so not a completely inside day. Wednesday was raining, foggy and a perfect day for another inside workout. And another good set of numbers on the power sessions. One of these days, I will get a power meter and be able to take my power workouts outside on sunny days! But until then, the computrainer at CTS will give me the data I want.

To make up for inside suffering, and since I am working this weekend, Nick and I decided to head west. A nice long ride up Gold Camp Road for some fun singletrack. It was warm down at our house, but clouds were already building so we made sure we had warm clothes. Thanks to the rain, the trails in Stratton were in great shape. We took advantage of the quiet and rode straight up the Chutes. Gold Camp was equally as quiet. We saw few cars and just a couple of hikers and riders. It was a nice steady climb and I actually was able to choose the tempo. And it wasn't fast! I used a bento box from my long course Tri days for food and was able to eat easily. It will work great for the marathon mountain bike races!

Just after we got on Old Stage, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. We were actually getting snowed on! At the top of the climb, we stopped to bundle up - knee warmers, jackets and booties. Yes, booties! And given the depth of the snow we would encounter, the booties were a great idea. The connector trail was pretty clear, just a few small drifts. Then we got on Jones and the drifts were much bigger. Slalom on two wheels! We had drifts on and off down the top half of pipeline.

I was having so much fun - just laughing and sliding along. I actually cleaned most of technical sections on Pipeline, I was really focusing on my balance and taking smooth lines. There were some areas that I haven't gotten before that I was able to ride this time. It's always great to be able to ride more and more trails and feel comfortable doing it. Then onto Jack's - and we were flying down that trail. Love it! Back into the sunshine after snow and mud up top. A solid day and great playing hooky - the last long ride before Voodoo!


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