VooDoo Fire nerves

I could tell I was amped up for this race - getting nervous as the start got closer. I've done one other long race - the Falcon 100km, but that was just for "fun." This was the turning point - the start of my new focus and the racing season. So when I was talking to Coach Adam before the race and he asked how I was feel, I was honest. More nervous then before any of the tris last year.

But when the racing started and Sari took off up the Dam Road, I felt in my element. Steady, controlled and looking forward to a few hours of racing. Sixty six miles later, a few layers of dust on my legs, and having drained three water bottles and two camelbaks, I crossed the line in 5:40 - second place to Honey Singer racer Sari Anderson who burned up the course in 5:11. Third place went to single speeder Holly Wade, who finished in 5:51. Full report coming later. It was a good day to shake out the legs and nerves and made me happy I'd decided to change my focus. A lot of work to do before the next two races, including recovering!

It was a hot a dusty day on the trails. There was plenty of carnage, both on tires and on riders. Lots of flats and har riding in the growing heat. Congrats to everyone who finished and competed at Lake Pueblo State Park!


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