Miller Moths!!!

After a few quiet years of Miller moths, this year is already bad. The lilac bush outside the window is filled with moths, just fluttering around. Normally, it would be an issue, but with the kittens - oh man... George loves sitting and watching the trees and birds and now all of a sudden there's all these bugs! And she thinks they should become cat toys. The ones in the house are quickly dealt with between the three cats. But those outside, those moths are just annoying George.

Sunday night, a loud sound echoed from the living room, like a bird hit the window. Nick crawls out of bed to check. And it's not a bird, it's a littl black kitten who doesn't think glass should get between her and her moths! She took a flying leap up against the window, trying to catch the moth on the other side. And proceeded to bounce off! We don't want her breaking the window, so Nick soaked her with the squirt bottle. That didn't help - now she just leaps up against the window, then runs and hides! It's gonna be a long moth season this year...

Now back to the normally scheduled ramblings about bikes and such!


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