Raindrops and Lilacs

Yesterday, I felt sure I was going to get soaked on my run. The clouds were dark and looming over the mountains and the wind was whipping the trees. So I left my sunglasses at home and tied a long sleeved shirt around my waist just in case. That must have scared the storms away, because I had beautiful weather. A slight breeze, the sun came out and the trails were quiet. But there was enough wind to fill the air with the wonderful aroma of the lilacs blooming all around the neighborhood. That and the hit of rain in the air, it was an outdoorsy evening perfect to get outside and do something.

So I was in a great mood even before I started running. I think that translated into the run, because it was such a smooth run. Everything clicked, with a perfect flow to every movement. The miller moths fluttered around every bush, a gentle buzzing from the wings and from them hitting the leaves and branches. Fanciful when an entire bush would erupt into flight - would have bees better if it had been butterflies, but still cool looking. Enough to just smile and want to keep running so I could keep enjoying the smell, the sunshine and life. Still a little tired from VooDoo Fire, but not a stiff as Tuesday.

Of course, we did get a huge thunderstorm later. Big bolt of lightning hit a tree in the neighbor's yard. Sent the kitten flying and even scared Nick. I didn't get to see it - was in another room. But it was a loud welcome to summer in Colorado!


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