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Oct 23, 2010

Winter is coming

Winter is definetly on the way. There was a thick cloud hanging over Pikes Peak on Friday and a damp, heavy chill to the air. The snow that was on the mountain also hasn't melted yet. Then this morning the moon and clouds were casting erie shadows over the mountains. I wanted to take a picture, but it would not have come out. It was just really pretty with the silvery light of the full moon reflecting off the clouds and the light snow in the mountains. Perfect for halloween, but a reminder of what is coming. The forecast is for cold and windy tommorow, like today. It was not really a day where I wanted to be outside that much - at least in the morning. I am hoping that the weather people erred at least a little. I need to get outside and get a decent long ride in on the cervelo. And I don't really want to start bundeling up that much. Not yet at least.

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