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Oct 28, 2010

Vampire trainers

After the last two days I really feel like the energy has been drained from me. Onr of those "this seemed like a good idea when Adam and I talked about it" combo days. Tuesday was 3 hours on the bike followed by a two mile transition run. Wedesday was masters swim then two hours on the bike. A good solid set and the last hard workouts before Silverman. The only issue? It was all done on the trainer, inside. By the time I was done on Wendesday I was completly brain numb.

Tuesday I was spinning away by 6:00 on the IMLP course. CTS had a group workout going on next to me so the first hour wasn't too bad. Music was playing and I was able to settle into the rhythm of the drainer pretty easily (Freuidian slip I meant Trainer). Then I was on my own for the next two hours. Which was fine. I had plenty of water and electrolyte drink and a bell to summon help if I needed it.I was also able to watch the coaches trickling in, most of them by bike. The IMLP course was challenging with several short and steep climbs. It was a good choice for the ride, at least until the last half hour. Then things got really hard. Somehow an 1ercent grade seems easier outside then on the trainer. After the ride I hopped on the treadmill for the run. I thought about going outside but with the wind and my achilles I decided to stay inside. That way I could stop anytime if I need. Wendesday I swam with master group as usual. Had a so-so swim but finished the workout. Just was not in the mood for a hard long workout. After the swim, I dashed back over to CTS for the second ride. Another two hours on the trainer, this time on the Wildflower course. This ride just sucked. I never really got comfortable on the bike and was just going stir crazy pedaling to nowhere. And there was nothing to look at besides the walls. So I was struggling a little. Speed, power and heart rate were fine. I was just bored out of my mind.

Despite the mental drain, was a good two days. I rode inside because of the wind and the weather. I also wanted to get the workouts done before work and I am not riding the Cervelo outside in the dark and with driving to work crazies. So inside I went, letting the vampire trainer suck the energy out of me.

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