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Oct 7, 2010

On the Way To Hartford

Wow. even at 4:30 in the morning the Colorado Springs Airport was hopping. When I flew to Bend I did't wait on a single line. Today not so much. I could not print my boarding pass out, so I had to check in at the counter. There was only one carry on only line open. And there must have been something going on with fort carson. About half the people in line were army and they each had about four bags. One of which had to have a weapon. But the lines all moved pretty quickly and I am now sitting at the gate waiting.

Why am I going to Hartford CT? Because I have only two marathons left to run to finish the circit of the 50 states. Conneticet and Vermont. One is this Saturday and the other a week from Sunday. I do not feel ready for this. My achilles are better but not ready for one, let alone two marathons. So no time goals. No fancy plans. Just finish the two marathon. That is the hope. Finish in one peice.

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