Mount Desert Island adventures

Since it was one of the places Mom has always wanted to visit and the location of the marathon she wanted to do in Maine, we spent a few days at MDI. Worth the time and we got to do a lot of different things. And we only saw half the island! There is a whole other side of MDI - the quiet side. Very true as cruise ships dock in Bar Harbor on a regular basis and unload 100s of passengers. Our timing was perfect as a true New England Nor'easter blew in last night. We arrived wed mid morning. First stop was Acadia National Park for information. We decided to eat lunch before riding and headed into Bar Harbor for a yummy seafood meal. After luch time to explore the downtown shops - mostly stuff geared towards the cruise ship passengers. Then back to the park to ride the loop road. Wow. Very challenging and hilly. The views were amazing between the rugged coastline and the fall folieage. After finishing the loop I decided to ride to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the Alantic seaboard. It was a decent climb to 1532 feet and I was happy I had warm clothes for the descent! But the view from the top was worth the ride. Thursday was more a tourist day. We were planning on visiting the other towns on the island. We got up early and drove to the top of the mountain so Mom could see the view. She had not wanted to make the climb on her bike. Then we drove the park road. Along the road there was a trail called "Prepetice." Sounded interesting so we decided to go for a hike instead of running on the carrige roads. The warning signs said it right. It was not a hiking trail but a non technical scramble. There were plenty of times that there was nothing but an old metal ladder and a few trees seperating you from needing ropes. And there were a few times I was wishing for climbing shoes! Neadless to say we found another way down. Then it was onto the Jordan Pond House for lunch. Seafood chowder and warm popovers. I love popovers so this was a huge treat. And the Jordan Pond House popovers were every bit as good as advertised. Then it was back into town for a swim and doing laundry. There weathere was already starting to change so it was no surprise to wake up to driving rain and howling winds. Just happy we had good weather for our adventures. No its on to Vermont for the Green Mountain Marathon and finishing up the 50 States.


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