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Oct 24, 2010

Hanover long ride

After Saturdays wind storm and generally crappy weather, I was a little concerned that last longish ride would be in simmilar conditions. Well, it was windy out on the Hanover loop but its always windy there. The air was brisk and the sun warm leading to perfect riding conditions. Like always, I had a head wind from multiple directions and one real bad cross wind. I had no issues with the cross wind this time, although there were a few gusts that blew me a few feet across the road. All in all it was a really good ride. It felt good to get out on the tri bike and actually be able to settle into aero without worrying about trafffic. It was also a good confidence builder for Silverman. My biggest concern has been if I will be able to hold aero for at least most of the race because none of my long rides have been on the Cervelo. Since I had no back issues and didn't feel like I was loosing any power in aero, I would say I am ready. Or as ready as I can be for this race.

The only mix up with the ride was my computer. Before the marathon trip the computer on my bike was working just fine. Well not so much today. I tried a new battery in the sensor. No luck. Still not reading anything. I tried a new magnent and repositioned the magnent. Still nada. Finally I just said heck with it and headed out sans computer. I know how far that loop is. I had my heart rate monitor and was timing. But I did not have my speed staring me in the face. It was actually really nice. I just rode based on how I felt and the effort I was looking for. And when I got home and looked at my watch I had set my fasest time for the loop. By a lot. So now the question is if I should get a new computer or just ride blind at Silverman.

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