Time to think about Silverman

After a decent mountain bike and Xterra season, it is time to focus on my one road triathlon of the year. Silverman Full Distance Triathlon. With a new swim venue and a slight change to the bike course, my annual long course event looks to be fun. Maybe this year I will conquer the hills instead of the other way around! Seriously I am looking forward to seeing everyone in the Silverman family again. There are not that many five time finishers and it is always fun to hang out with other crazy people like me.

Before I can really focus on Silverman I need to get the cervelo ready to roll. I have an 11-26 cassette for the race but I don't run it with my older chain and chain rings. So last night I swapped out the entire drive train. New chain and chain rings and my new cassette. I tried getting Nick to do it for me. He just laughed and said I knew how to do all of it and to go for it. So that's what I did. Got greasy and got the cervelo ready to roll. Now I just need to ride the bike! Silverman will be interesting if only because I have only riden my tri bike once since April!


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