Windy weekend

The wind does not seem to want to go away. Nick and I were planning on heading to Pueblo Saturday and spending the weekend at the park, but not with this kind of wind. (I was blown across the road in my Subaru driving to Pueblo on Friday) So we stayed home and did trail recon around town. And thanks to the wind, it seems that almost everything is dry and ridable!

Saturday we headed to CMSP. Nick got his ride and I ran. Still not feeling fast on the trails yet. I know the speed is there, but having problems finding it on the trail. I think I will move all my running workouts onto the trails around town to help with the process. But it was still a good run. I really like CMSP - there is a good mix of trails from rolling and smooth to hilly and techical. It is also pretty out of the wind so we weren't getting sand blasted the whole afternoon.

Sunday was brick workout. I spent three hours chasing Nick and Dave all over Stratton, Red Rocks and those trails. Very happy with the ride - I was able to make it through some trail sections that I haven't made before. I was also able to at least keep up with the boys for part of the day. I did manage to ride a rock garden they both walked through! Nick was all ready to ride it, got to the edge and paused. Kiss of death - he was worried about his new carbon bike. Dave's comment was that he was worried about his cranium! I've only ridden this part once, and it was dark - so I figured, what the heck and plinko chiped my way down. I was supposed to finish the day with a strong trail run, but since Nick and I had ridden from the house, I ended up just running on the roads. Good transition time, a little stiff coming off the bike. Nothing to worry about right now.

After all that, we headed to Dave's house to watch the Tour of Flanders. That was a great race. The bike change that FC pulled off was a thing of beauty and the way he rode right through the peloton to the front and kept going... Man.


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