Getting recovery time again

After working not even full time for the last month, I realized exactly how hard is was to train and work. And how spoiled I am because I don't have to work that many hours. I haven't been working full time, but I was still feeling completly overwhelmed by the end of the month. It's no wonder that I wasn't able to train properly before I stopped working full time. It's not even the intensity of the workouts, it's the quality of rest. Before, I was getting up at 4:30, trying to get in all the workouts, dash to work and treat patients all day, then come home and get my other workouts in. Lately, I've been sleeping to 7:00, eating a good breakfast, doing one quality workout, taking a nap, then eating another small meal, then heading out for my second workout. After that, getting the chores done around the house, making supper and getting ready to go to bed. It was great. Even when I got up early to swim, I was still able to take a good nap afterwards.

Haven't been able to do that in March. I am so happy that I will be able to take my recovery just as seriously as my training now. That is the difference between the winning pros and mid-pack pros - the amount of recovery and the quality of the recovery.


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