Hidden Side of Henderson

Henderson, NV is just south east of Las Vegas. It's a lot like COS in that it's grown up in a hurry. The Silverman Triathlon finished at the Henderson Multigenerational Center every year, so it's a town I've spent some time in. This year, thanks to some Facebook Friends, I was able to explore some different areas, go to a few different resturants and get to know the town a little better. The best spot for lunch that we found was the 155 Water - a City Cafe, at 155 Water St, across from the city hall area. I got the Tomato-basil pizza both times and I don't even like raw tomatos on pizza! Mom got a BLT and a meatloaf sandwich and said both were really good. Bonus - they make desserts that are just outstanding - we tried the lemon creme pie and the individual serving blueberry and apple pies. http://one55water.com/ - check it out if you're in the area. Off of Horizon Drive, on the southern end of the city is a really good sushi resturaunt. It's called "The Sushi" and some of the rolls are both creativly filled and named. The service is good and the hours are good. I've never gotten a roll I haven't like there. Just north of The Sushi is a frozen yougurt bar - I don't remember the name, but the idea is fabulous. Self serve frozen yougurt in all kinds of flavors with a topping bar on the side. Grab a container and get creatitive! It's a perfect cold treat after a hot race. Finally, the Lowerys (Meg and Frank) took me to breakfast after their kids triathlon on Saturday. It was called the "Cracked Egg" and it was a good breakfast - I had a South Shore scramble with avacado, chicken and bacon and it was delish. Meg did the driving, but I think it was north of the Multi-Gen Center on Green Valley.

I was also lucky enough to be able to get a massage from Lifan - one of my Facebook Friends who gave me most of this great advice. Her clinic Essential Therapeutic Massage is right off of Lake Mead Parkway, close to downtown Henderson. And it was a great massage - just what I needed before a big race! Thanks!


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